Rather than a long and boring bio, I wanted to share a few ‘fun facts’ about us so that you can get to know us a little more.

I am Andy, and with help from Rachel, Nicole, Becky, Joe and James, we are ajmphotos.

I got hooked on photography when I was ten, taking my first pictures on a school trip to the Tower of London.

We all love travelling, and especially anywhere Disney.

I married Rachel in June 1991 and have two amazingly talented daughters who also help me with events and running the business.

Becky as well as having an excellent photographic eye, is also an amazing cake maker and decorator.

Nicole is a very talented singer and dancer, as well being able to play the flute and piccolo.

Joe is a car geek, and loves his classics, and is currently restoring a Volkswagen Golf convertible.

James loves theme parks and all things Disney.

Before turning my passion with photography into my full-time profession in 2014, I worked in motion control, and built flight simulators. I am still an electronics engineer at heart and love gadgets, technology, and especially cameras.

My family means everything to me, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have their support helping me spend my day meeting and photographing some amazing people, who often become good friends.